FREE Wellbeing Session in February Half Term

Awaken Education’s purpose is to develop rich provisions, programs and projects that enrich communities with the knowledge that liberates their way of thinking. We take pride on instigating a powerful mindset shift with individuals that tackles limited beliefs and instigates positive changes in their futures.

We want each individual we work with to discover their purpose and sense of belonging amongst their community. We are unearthing realities in which young people feel they serve no purpose because they are not academically inclined, we want to demonstrate their capacity to change the world, to think BIG and develop their personal awareness to see how they can achieve anything, they truly put their mind to.

There will be a free session in our Academy, on Thursday in the half term break for any families with children between the age of 4 and 12. This is a FREE event, please scan the QR code below for more details.