More in the lime-light than ever before is the world of travel and tourism. Almost daily we see travel and holidays mentioned on the news, largely thanks to the global pandemic changing the way in which we explore our world. Our travel and tourism course dives deep into workings of the travel industry, looking at how operators and businesses face immense pressures and competition to come out on-top.

Ever wanted to discover the amazing world in which we live? In Travel and Tourism we will explore the tourism industry in both the UK and the rest of the world. During the course pupils will research a range of different holiday destinations from the coastlines of the UK to New York and beyond.

The Travel and Tourism industry is one of the largest in the UK and of major importance around the world.  This course explores issues that exist in the tourism sector which have an impact on the holiday’s people book. Studying Travel and Tourism helps pupils develop skills that are essential in both further education and the world of work such as; teamwork, individual enquiry, communication, numerical skills, presentation, ICT and organisation skills.