Course Outline

Science covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics which are taught together in KS3. Students will be taught about the fundamentals of science in all three areas.

At GCSE student can choose to study each science separately or most follow a combined science course. This course will build on KS3. We follow the AQA Trilogy specification for Combined Science and AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics for Separate Science. Students are taught wherever possible by one teacher who covers all three science disciplines. The content is available at higher and foundation level.

We also look at Working Scientifically, this teaches students the skills that a scientist needs such as being able to conduct an investigation, analyse information and draw conclusions from evidence. This is assessed through the examinations at the end of Year 11 as there is no longer a coursework component to assess practical skills.

Key Topics Covered

KS3 topics include...

  • Cells
  • Health and Disease
  • Forces
  • Electricity
  • States of matter
  • Chemical Reactions

KS4 topics include...

  • Power generation
  • Alternative energy
  • Speed
  • Inheritance
  • Reproduction
  • Plants
  • Atoms
  • Crude Oil
  • Materials