Our Business Studies offering at The Laurel is OCR’s Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing. Students can opt to study this course in KS4 as one of their GCSE options, and will complete the course by the end of year 11. Our core computing curriculum for KS3 covers several aspects of Business Studies to best prepare our students for this course. The course is split up into 3 units, 2 coursework and 1 exam.

Our Business Studies course is great for a huge range of onward pathways, including of-course those who want to go into Business, Enterprise or Economics but also anyone looking to join a company in a business critical role or anyone who’d like an understanding of how businesses work. There’s also a fair amount of IT involved, and IT abilities are the single most requested skill by employers!

Unit 1 – Design a Business Proposal

In this unit, students will investigate and design a full business proposal. Starting with research into successful business start ups, students will conduct market research, design and tailor a product to their specified market, produce financial documents to support their proposal, justify their business and produce a business proposal review of the whole project. It’s a whistle-stop tour of how to start your own business!

Unit 2 – Market and Pitch a Business Proposal

In the second unit, it’s time for Dragons Den! Students will take their business proposal from unit 1, brand it, market it and prepare a fully featured professional pitch Dragons Den style. They will then carry out their pitch in-front of a professional panel, before reviewing the likelihood of success for their business idea.

Unit 3 – Exam

The exam covers content from both coursework units along with more dedicated business knowledge such as business types, marketing models, promotional plans and finances. Students will have bespoke dedicated exam lessons alongside their coursework to give them a real understanding of the content they will be assessed on.