Personal presentation is very important to us at The Laurel Academy.  We believe good presentation encourages students to take pride in themselves and prepares them to work hard at the academy.

·      Black school blazer with The Delta academy badge.

·      The Delta academy tie.

·       The Delta academy trousers or skirt.

·       White business shirt which buttons to the collar (do not need to buy from the uniform shop).

·        Black, polishable shoes with no logo, bows, piping or colour embellishments of any nature. No boots (no black canvas shoes are allowed) and no trainers.

·         Black socks.

·         Black or neutral tights with no pattern.

·         Plain coat (no denim or leather).

·         School bag (must be able to fit an A4 folder inside).

·         PE Kit

  • PE shorts
  • Short sleeved PE Polo Shirt
  • PE Socks
  • Long Sleeved Sports Top
  • PE trainers to change into.

o   PE Skort

o   ¼ Zip PE Top (worn at the discretion of the teacher)

o   Tracksuit bottoms (worn at the discretion of the teacher)

All the Uniform must be purchased from the uniform shop.

Uniform Shop


 The academy reserves the right to change these rules for a fixed period of time under extreme weather conditions i.e. snow.  Parents will be informed.


Facial piercings, including tongue bars and nose studs/rings, are not permitted on the grounds of health and safety and students should remove immediately.  If there are issues regarding removal, please inform the student’s Year Leader as soon as possible.

Students are not allowed rings, bracelets (except medical awareness tags), and necklaces.  Students are permitted to wear a wrist watch.  No earrings allowed.


Make up and eyebrows should be subtle and neutral. False eyelashes, fake tans, false nails and nail varnish are not permitted


Hair sculpting and shaved patterns are not permitted, whether done in holidays or as a trend.  Students with such overt patterns will be isolated until an agreement or compromise with parents can be made.

Colourings or highlights that are subtle and do not seek to push the boundaries of the academy’s policy and are in keeping with a smart and presentable appearance are permitted.  ‘Dip dyeing’ or outrageous and obviously unnatural colourings are not permitted, and the student will be isolated until an agreement or compromise with parents has been made.


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