Course Outline

Candidates will work in one or more areas of lens-based and light-based media listed below. They may explore overlapping and combinations of areas:

  • Portraiture
  • Landscape photography (working from the built or natural environment).
  • Still Life photography, (working from natural or manufactured objects).
  • Documentary photography, photo journalism, narrative photography, reportage
  • Fine Art photography, photographic installation
  • Photography involving a moving image, (television, film and animation).
  • New media practice such as computer manipulated photography and photographic projections.

Photography: lens-based and light-based media can be used for a variety of purposes and needs dependent on the requirements of the project undertaken.

Candidates are required to integrate critical, practical and theoretical study in lens-based and light-based media that encourages direct engagement with original work and practice. Where direct engagement may not be possible, the expectation is that work should include appropriate and explicit critical study.

Candidates will demonstrate practical skills in the context of specific chosen areas of study or any combined areas of study.

Key Topics

  • Photographic techniques including elements of photography
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Macro
  • Editing using Photoshop