September Update

Firstly, I would like to extend our thanks to parents, carers and students for the commitment they have shown towards their studies in these unprecedented times. I would also like to thank all of those who have taken the time to contact us to thank school for the work we have provided and the provision we have put in place. Your support is warmly appreciated by everyone here at The Laurel Academy.

On Thursday 2nd July, the Government announced that schools will fully reopen from September and here is an update on our plans to reopen our Academy. In order for us to do this safely there are a number of changes we have had to make to the Academy day.

We are keen to provide as much information as possible, to help students, parents and carers plan for the months ahead.

Changes for September are:

✓ Year groups will be taught in their own ‘bubbles’. This means they will be in year groups and will not be allowed to mix with other year groups in the Academy. This includes their break and lunchtimes. Unfortunately we will also have to suspend VMG’s until guidance allows year groups to merge again.

✓ Year groups will have their own ‘bubbles’ within the Academy. The vast majority of their lessons (except for specialist teaching such as PE, Technology, music, computing and Art) will be taught in their bubbles.

✓ The teachers will now move to the students as opposed to the students moving around Academy.

✓ Students will follow a curriculum and lesson structure which is as close as possible to that which they are familiar with. Minor adjustments may need to be made to allow for our new working arrangements and to ensure all students are safe.

✓ Any specialist rooms used will have a thorough clean throughout the day if they are being used by different year groups.

✓ There will be staggered start/finish times and year groups will use different entrance/exit points to minimise overlap between different year groups.

✓ Students will need to bring their own bag and will be given 3 washable face masks, a planner and knowledge organiser on their first day.

✓ Students need to bring their own stationery - which needs to include a black pen, pencil, erasure, ruler, calculator and highlighters. 

✓ The assembly hall will be converted into a second dining space to enable year groups to separate at break and lunch time.

✓ All students will be expected to wear correct Academy uniform from September including full PE kit.

✓ There will be no breakfast available, but students can order food for break and lunch time which will be in a grab bag ready for them at their designated break/lunchtime dining area.

✓ Students will be asked to arrive on or as near as possible to their start time and go straight to their lessons following the designated route as per the map that was sent out before the summer holidays.

New Entrances

Students are required to enter via the path between the Muga and the end of building - out of ours path towards the field. 

We are looking foward to welcoming all the students back!