Food Challenge - Task 1

Children around the country have been displaying drawings of rainbows in their windows to spread cheer during the coronavirus lockdown and to show support for NHS workers.

Task 1

I would like you to make a food product that involves colours of the rainbow.

here you will find 30 rainbow inspired recipes of varying difficulties that you could choose from. Alternatively you could find your own recipe or be creative and come up with your own idea.

If you don’t have food colouring there are plenty of other ways you can add colour to your food such as adding fruits and vegetables or spices such as turmeric.

Please ask your parent/guardian before using ingredients and where possible use what you have available.

Always consider safety when preparing and cooking food e.g. Using bridge and claw hand positions when chopping with a knife, using oven gloves when removing things from the oven and turning pan handles out of the way when using the hob.

Please take photos of your entry and send to: