We are pleased to inform you that The Laurel Academy is introducing new and exciting menu options.  These options offer the students a wide variety of options within the new Food Standards.

The food standards seek to ensure that students are offered a balanced, healthy meal and regulates the food and drinks that can be sold by the Academy at all times of the day.  We are proud of the quality of the food that we provide and retain the catering service in house in order that we can constantly seek to try new ideas and encourage the students to choose healthier options.  In response to student feedback we will now have 3 food service areas, each one themed differently – Subs and Salads, Chef’s Classic and Pasta King.  Chef’s Classic is our traditional hot main meal option, Salads and Subs offers a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps and salads and Pasta King serves rice, pasta and noodles with a range of meat and vegetarian options each day. Jacket potatoes with a range of hot and cold toppings are available each day. A copy of the 3 week menu cycle is available on the school website along with allergen information for all of the meals and food that we serve.

We are committed to maintaining the prices of our school meals at an affordable level to the students and below the levels currently charged by the local authority school meals service.  Each of our counters offers a Meal Deal Option providing excellent value.  All of our Meal Deal offers are priced at the competitive price of £2.20 and include the main course plus a hot or cold dessert and a drink.

There are a number of students that may be eligible for free school meals that are not currently receiving them.  I would urge you, if you think that your child may be entitled to free school meals to check with the local authority if you are eligible.  Whist we of course hope that if your child is entitled to receive a free school meal that they will take one, it is also important to claim your entitlement whether or not your child is intending to take the meal.  Schools now receive additional funding of £935 per student that is eligible for a free school meal, whether or not they actually take one.  This additional funding (pupil premium funding) enables the school to fund new initiatives to target students that need it the most.  The application process is straightforward and can now be completed online at

or by contacting the local authority on 01302 735336.

If you have any questions relating to the school meals you can contact Sally Crookes, Finance Manager on 01709 302244.