Home Economics Food & Nutrition

Course Overview

The course offers a wider and more specific knowledge and understanding of food and the nutrients it contains, whilst applying practical skills and a deeper knowledge of food components. Students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of human needs in a diverse society and to work in a variety of contexts.

A range of practical skills are covered in a variety of dishes that are chosen to represent the topics covered in the course, for example:
Protein, High biological value - amino acids, cheaper food choices = Beef Cobbler, Lasagne.
Low Biological value - dispensable proteins = lentil/ vegetable soup, vegetable stir-
fry. Students make starters, main meals and puddings and sweets, baked products - both sweet and savoury to suit a variety of situations and to learn practical food preparation.
We encourage all students to be adventurous, tasting, sampling and trying new foods and include sensory analysis in many topics.

Key Topics

  • Nutrition, diet and health throughout life.
  • Nutrition, physical, chemical and sensory properties of food in storing, preparing and cooking food.
  • Techniques and skills in food storage, preparation and cooking.
  • Factors affecting food choice.
  • Food hygiene and safety.