Year 8 Ambition Programme

The Year 8 students on the Ambition Programme will be attending a visit to the Amazon Warehouse in Doncaster on Wednesday 6th November 2019. 

The students will see the magic that happens after someone clicks ‘buy’ on Amazon, and what happens at the worlds largest online retailer, with over 600’000 staff worldwide!   

The sheer size of the warehouse is hard to grasp once inside, even from the huge walkways they will only get to see small football sized field sections at a time, but as they pull into the car park they’ll see the vast size of the buildings.       

The tour will start with a talk and then the Amazon workers will guide the students through the warehouse and will answer any questions they may have.

Hundreds of people work in each warehouse, doing different jobs. The Doncaster Warehouse is one of only 2 locations in the world where they will get to see Amazon’s army of Kiva robots collecting shelves of goods and moving them around so that products held on them can be picked, packed and shipped.